Our Team

Ankita Ahluwalia

Founder and Executive Director

Ankita is a undergraduate researcher at the UC Riverside School of Education under Dr. Alice Lee. She is also serving as UCR’s Student Body President for the 2023-2024 academic year. To address pertinent educational inequities, she founded POWAN Initiative, a nonprofit empowering our Inland Empire K-12 students and teachers with equitable e-learning solutions and after-school programs. She is also the Strauss Foundation Grant recipient and a UCR Chancellor’s Research Fellow. With an unwavering commitment to educational equity and her management and technical expertise, Ankita has empowered POWAN Initiative to reach new leaps and bounds. Ankita’s leadership exemplifies her commitment to transforming education for K-12 students and teachers in the Inland Empire region and beyond.

Kevin Quach

POWAN Empower Hour Coordinator

Kevin Quach, a distinguished alumni of UC Riverside with a degree in Biology, shines as a pivotal figure within the POWAN Initiative. Serving as the Empower Hour Program Coordinator, Kevin is a champion of our cause as he adeptly communicates our innovative objectives and educational programs to administrators, fostering crucial connections. harnesses his expertise to drive transformative change. His role as the Empower Hour Program Coordinator highlights his dedication to empowering students navigating challenging subjects. Kevin’s exceptional blend of academic knowledge, communication skills, and advocacy prowess makes him an indispensable asset in realizing POWAN’s mission and paving the way for equitable education.

Karanvir Singh

Founding Member, Tutoring Team Coordinator

As a visionary founding team member, Karanvir Singh has taken up the mantle of tutoring team coordinator at the forefront of educational transformation. With a commitment to excellence, Karan seamlessly leads the team, igniting a spark of learning in all POWAN students. Karan’s dedication goes beyond academia, as he relentlessly works to bridge the gap in educational access and opportunities. Karanvir Singh unwavering dedication, leadership, analytical acumen, and passion for teaching, embodies the spirit of empowerment and progress within the educational landscape. 

Giselle Madariaga

Marketing Coordinator

Giselle, a dedicated advocate for education and aspiring school psychologist, embarked on her academic journey at UC Riverside, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. Driven by her passion for equitable learning opportunities, she is unwavering in her commitment to nurturing student success. Joining POWAN in August 2020 marked a pivotal moment for Giselle, solidifying her dedication to educational empowerment. As a driving force within the organization, she has assumed the vital role of Marketing Coordinator where she enhancing outreach efforts and community building. Her multifaceted contributions to POWAN’s mission include her vast experience in the educational landscape and her dedication to supporting POWAN’s mission. 

Jade Martineau

HR Coordinator

Jade Martineau is a alumni University of Central Florida, studying Business Management with a minor in Hospitality Management. Having joined POWAN in October 2020, Jade’s dedication has propelled her from tutor to a key member of the Human Resources Team. As a liaison between newcomers and the organization, she expertly navigates questions and inquiries, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new tutors and students. As a bridge-builder between talent and opportunity, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on both the academic and professional landscapes.

Adam Ramirez

Grant Specialist

Adam Ramirez is from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Having just finished his first year at the University of California, Riverside he is an Economics/Administrative Studies major with plans to double major in political science. At Political Violence Lab, Adam was a team lead for a group of researchers who would review recently declassified government documents at the National Archives. Previously he has been an intern for the Riverside County Office of Education, Associate Students of UCR, and for a non-profit called POWAN. He will be going back to a position at RCOE, going to be the ASUCR President’s Chief of Staff, and join the governing board of a non-profit. Adam plans on pursuing his PhD in Economics and working in Education.