Meet Our February 2022 TOTM Ena Baral

Q: What is your favorite extracurricular and why?  A: I really enjoy volunteering. I volunteer at a couple of places where I work with children, and I always have a fun time playing games and reading books with them.     Q: Do you have any special tips on how to tackle schoolwork and projects? A: […]

Caitlin Cai

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Meet Our December TOTM Annika Palacio

Q: What does your class schedule look like? A: First thing I do in the morning while I’m still in bed is check my phone for any new emails or updates. Afterward, I’ll get up, prepare for the schedule of the day, and make myself a cup of green tea with a honey-citron marmalade. It’s […]

Meet Our November TOTM Jennielee Mia

Q: What does your class schedule look like? A: I am currently at school part-time taking Physiology lecture and lab. I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.   Q: Do you have any extracurriculars? A: Back in college, I used to volunteer in the American Red Cross club and saturday club serving senior citizens. […]