10 Ways to De-stress

10 Ways to De-stress

1.Get active

Sometimes when I get stressed, it feels like the room is closing in on me. When this happens, I feel it’s best to get a change of scenery. I’ll get up and stretch or make myself a cup of coffee or tea. take a walk around my house. If you are really active, you can get in your recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day by going on a run. 

If I’m really in a funk, nothing wakes me up like a nice warm shower. It’s a nice way to relax and tends to help me work out my thoughts that have been running through my head. The point is to get out of your environment and become refreshed


2. Clean

Nothing drives me crazy like a messy work environment. If my environment is messy, it seems to amplify the stress from my work. By organizing your work environment, it will be easier to organize and collect your thoughts.



Disconnect from everything that has been your stressors. This might mean turning off your phone or laptop. Your emails can wait another 10 minutes!



Keeping a log of your tasks can be a great stress reliever. By writing down all the items you need to finish, your brain doesn’t have to work overtime thinking about all those items. Now it only has to refer to your log of tasks and can use the energy to create a plan on how to accomplish the tasks.

If you just want to take your mind off of things, then drawing is for you. It’s a great activity that doesn’t require much thought. It can even serve as a brain dump if you express your worries in forms of doodles.


5.Stay positive 

Staying optimistic about your prospects will only help you. If past failures are keeping you in a foul mood, remind yourself that you have an opportunity to succeed in your next assignment, project, or venture. You can’t change the past, so why dwell on it. You have control of what’s happening now so try to maximize the opportunity at hand.


6.Create a playlist

This is another activity to help take your mind off your stressors. Try curating a list of songs that make you feel good. In other words, songs that you can jam out to. Or you might make a list of songs that you can peacefully listen to, that can calm you down when you are feeling overwhelmed.


7.Identify your stressor

Take some time to reflect on what may be causing you to be stressed. Sometimes our problems can be solved by changing our schedule around or eliminating an unnecessary item or activity in our life.


8.Eat balanced meals

Food has an impact on our mood. This isn’t to say you can’t eat junk food ever. Eating a variety of foods will prepare you to . Not only should we care about what type of food we are eating, but also about when we are eating. Most physicians recommend 3 meals a day. Breakfast has long been noted as the most important meal of the day. I totally agree as it starts the day off strong and gives you the energy to conquer the day. 


9.Chew gum

Food adjacent, gum, is a great way to calm down your nerves and channel your jitteriness somewhere else.



Yes, your parents have been nagging you to sleep earlier for a reason. With a goodnight’s rest, we have better reasoning and cognitive thinking capabilities.  Thus, i is easier to make logical decisions on a full night’s rest.