A Typical Day for Shivam Oswal, POWAN’s October TOTM

Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

SO: The very first thing I do when I wake up is walk into my balcony garden and check my plants. Look out for new blooms.


Q: What is your favorite extracurricular and why?

SO: Gardening since it has helped me to tackle anxiety to a great extent. It’s always quite fascinating to watch a seedling grow into a plant.


Q: Do you have any special tips on how to tackle schoolwork and projects?

SO: Find a way to make schoolwork or projects interesting and playful. Divide the work in smaller parts and then complete each part while enjoying other activities.


Q: How do you unwind at the end of the day?

SO: I make sure to sit back along with my family for enough time.


Q: How has your POWAN experience been?

SO: It has been a great experience. The environment is stress free and simple. The team is very active and supportive. I joined POWAN to increase my reach and build a career as a global Teacher. I wanted to interact with students across the globe.


Biggest Academic Accomplishment

Q: What was your biggest academic accomplishment or your greatest accomplishment in general?

SO: My biggest academic accomplishment was winning the title of Student of the Year in my School. But in general getting recognised as a teacher today makes me feel prouder.


Q: If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what is one piece of advice you would give them?

SO: Know yourself. Be yourself and Never forget who you are. Do not let your passions die. Chose your career wisely only as per your interest and may it be anything be the best at it.