Meet Our April 2022 TOTM Celeste Luntkowski

Q: What is your favorite extracurricular and why?


A: I love reading! Anything from political theory and classics to fantasy and cheesy romance. I really enjoy escaping to other peoples’ perspectives every time I read.


Q: Do you have any special tips on how to tackle schoolwork and projects?


A: I’m a huge fan of calendars and planners, the more the better. I think that assignments, especially those that have further out deadlines, can be out of sight and out of mind really easily so it’s important to have lots of visual reminders about what’s due.


Q: How has your POWAN experience been?


A: I have had a wonderful time tutoring for POWAN. My students are so bright and I feel so much pride watching them overcome their academic obstacles and succeed.


Q: What was your biggest academic accomplishment or your greatest accomplishment in general?


A: Graduating last summer from UCSD was a really happy accomplishment for me! The long distance circumstances made it extra challenging, so I’m very proud of myself for the effort I made. 


Q: If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what is one piece of advice you would give them?


A: Try not to wallow for too long in your mistakes. It’s very easy to become self-deprecating and self-defeating when you focus only on what has gone wrong or what’s out of your control. Focus instead on what you have done well and on what you can fix.