Meet Our December TOTM Annika Palacio

Q: What does your class schedule look like?

A: First thing I do in the morning while I’m still in bed is check my phone for any new emails or updates. Afterward, I’ll get up, prepare for the schedule of the day, and make myself a cup of green tea with a honey-citron marmalade. It’s a quite the comforting drink, I’d highly recommend it! 

I typically try to leave a few days in the week open, so I’ll make sure to plan classes for specific times like Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. I find it vital for me to use my free days to either study or take a mental health break.


Q: Do you have any special tips on how to tackle schoolwork and projects?

A: I always recommend that although you should study hard, make sure to always put your health first. Taking a mental health break here and there won’t do you harm, but will ensure that you can continue doing your best with whatever endeavor you choose.


Q: How has your POWAN experience been? Why did you join POWAN?

A: Working with POWAN has been quite rewarding! I’ve mentioned it already in my quote for the month but I can’t emphasize enough how caring and hardworking the team is! Everyone is genuinely passionate about providing aid for students of all backgrounds, and it’s quite contagious, too. It’s the main reason as to why I joined POWAN, I came across an advertisement expressing the need for more tutors in September of 2020, and I, after reading how the organization came to be, felt as though I found people who genuinely care about fellow students as much as I do.