POWAN’s Story

Back when the pandemic first started and schools were first shut down we noticed how the new learning environment affected the education of our siblings and cousins. Without the ability to meet their teachers in person and ask questions, they would ask us for help in their homework or  in understanding a new topic. We realized that our families weren’t the only ones who were struggling with this new education format. According to the UN, “around 1.5 billion students globally are at risk of falling behind due to COVID-19” and this is only scratching the surface of the problems that exist in education today. Students are turning in low-quality homework, struggling to grasp vital concepts, leading to higher failure rates and an emotional decline. Not to mention, families globally are struggling with financial obstacles and are facing external obstacles limiting their full potential in their student’s education. This is why POWAN is here to help.

The mission of “The Power of Words and Numbers” Initiative is to assist all families overburdened by financial obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic. POWAN Initiative is a globally leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is revolutionizing education by providing the first and only free, live, and personalized online education experience to K-12 students for a variety of topics, academic and personal. In addition to tutoring, we provide mentoring, college application assistance, educational webinars, programming boot camps, and academic solutions for schools. POWAN Initiative is educating kids and teenagers throughout the United States with the help of our large team of elite-university-attending, trained tutors and our innovative online platform and e-learning solutions. Our diverse group of tutors have many different backgrounds academically. Students can learn about various topics such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Programming. Our mission is to create an equitable future for students in education and guide them into making them successful in whatever they do in life.  Simple the fact is, we teach because we care.