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Frequently Asked Questions

For Tutors

Barring any cancellations or emergencies, you need to tutor at least one hour a week for each student you have.

  • If a POWAN Tutor distinguishes themselves through excellent service, the POWAN Initiative recognizes them on its social media and website as its Tutor of the Month. 
  • The executive board of the POWAN Initiative often writes its tutors letters of recommendation.
  • The POWAN Initiative invites its tutors to exclusive professional development workshops throughout the year.

Yes, the POWAN Initiative hosts drop-in meetings where its tutors can meet with members of the executive board. Additionally, the POWAN Initiative holds a variety of networking events where its tutors can connect with each other.

The POWAN Lifesaver Guide contains a variety of curated resources for all grade levels and subjects that all POWAN Tutors can use in their tutoring. This guide will also contain tips for tutoring. The guide itself can be found in the Asana and shared Google Drive that you will have access to after your onboarding is complete.

You will be matched with your first tutee as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of potential tutees seeking our services, this could take anywhere between three days and a month.

For Tutees

On the POWAN Initiative’s website, there is a section containing its Safety Policy. In this Safety Policy, the POWAN Initiative outlines how it ensures that its tutors can only start volunteering after undergoing a rigorous selection and onboarding process. This process contains, but is not limited to, an initial screening form, a skills-based interview, and a mandatory training orientation. 

Besides the fact that all POWAN Tutors are dedicated and qualified volunteers, the distinguishing factor between the POWAN Initiative’s tutors and other tutors is age. Almost all POWAN Tutors are either undergraduates or recent graduates of a four-year undergraduate institution. Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to be important mentors for any K-12 student seeking to develop crucial study habits and/or gain a lasting mentor for college application assistance.

Yes, once you’ve made an account on our website, you can choose an available tutor from the “Find a Tutor” page. Based on your preferences that you’ll note when you sign up to create an account, we’ll email you the tutors that we recommend that you choose.

Our tutors are trained to be flexible as possible when volunteering with the POWAN Initiative. If there are any emergencies that come up, our tutors will understand that things happen and simply reschedule a tutoring session. In terms of tutoring, our tutors are prepared to accommodate how their tutees learn best. If there are any changes in the learning environment, POWAN Tutors will adapt.

Our tutors are legally obligated to not communicate with you through social media platforms or other forms of private messaging. The main forms of communication between you and your tutor are Calendly invitations and emails that the POWAN Initiative monitors.