Our Programs

POWAN College Application Bootcamp

This month, POWAN will be offering a college application bootcamp to help current high school seniors navigate all the different processes involved in applying to universities. Bring your questions regarding financial aid, major selection, and future career paths!

POWAN Supplemental Instruction (PSI)

The members in the PSI Program are qualified graduate students that can head discussions sections focused on improving pass rates in high fail-rate classes within high schools.

Programming Bootcamps

In this program, we will teach students of any grade-level programming boot camps in our series.

1:1 Tutoring

The POWAN Initiative takes pride in our 1-to-1 tutoring, where qualified undergraduate tutors empower K-12 students who need academic assistance.

College Application Assistance/1:1 Mentoring

Our tutors are also mentors that serve as powerful role models for K-12 students to use as a source of inspiration for reaching high academic and professional goals.