1:1 Tutoring

Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have the necessary qualifications and training to empower their tutees to become stronger learners in academic areas that need improvement. After an intensive application process and rigorous training, our tutors are prepared to help their tutees overcome academic obstacles in impactful 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

Why 1:1 Tutoring?

1-on-1 tutoring allows our tutors to channel their complete focus on assisting a student who needs their undivided attention.

1-on-1 tutoring ensures that our tutees remain engaged in their tutoring sessions.

Why 1:1 Tutoring with POWAN?

POWAN tutors build the foundation for their lesson plans and teaching techniques from exclusive handbooks designed by our organization. These extensive handbooks emphasize a collaborative, empathy-based approach to tutoring.

POWAN tutors have access to an abundance of academic resources that they use to empower tutees to overcome all of their academic obstacles.

POWAN tutors maintain regular communication with their tutees and families of their tutees. As a result, POWAN tutees are constantly setting new academic goals and becoming independent learners.

POWAN Tutors always assign homework for our students, go above the hour for our tutoring, and help their students turn their academic dreams into a reality!​

Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is our top priority. We understand that our work is with children, a vulnerable population. Consequently, we actively screen out applicants that do not match the POWAN Initiative’s standards of academic excellence, community service, and professionalism. We make sure that all of tutors are qualified to professionally work with K-12 students.

Achieve academic success with POWAN today!