College Application Assistance &
1:1 Mentoring

All of our tutors are excited to share their past and current experiences with their tutees. We understand that a mentor is one of the best resources for K-12 students and our tutors are prepared to address any questions that their tutees may have about what steps they need to take before going to college. Our tutors’ expertise ranges from building a competitive college application to preparing early for college success.

Why 1:1 Mentoring?

1-on-1 mentoring allows our mentors to completely focus on addressing the unique questions and concerns of their mentees.

1-on-1 mentoring ensures that our mentors and mentees form a professional relationship where mentees are comfortable asking crucial questions to their mentors.

Why 1:1 Mentoring with POWAN?

POWAN mentors have unique extracurricular experiences, from leading on-campus student organizations to handling multiple jobs at once. Every POWAN tutor has their own story which any prospective student can stand to learn from.

POWAN mentors are successful college students who have what it takes to succeed in post-secondary education. Their success makes them powerful sources of information for any K-12 student aspiring to get into college.

POWAN mentors have demonstrated that they are not just successful, but also empathetic. Their eagerness to share their knowledge with their mentees, who they see themselves in, is unparalleled.

POWAN mentors have to complete an intensive application process and rigorous training, making sure that they are the best of the best among the many applicants we get. They are all highly-accomplished undergraduates that serve as role models and mentors.

Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is our top priority. We understand that our work is with children, a vulnerable population. Consequently, we actively screen out applicants that do not match the POWAN Initiative’s standards of academic excellence, community service, and professionalism. We make sure that all of tutors are qualified to professionally work with K-12 students.

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