Programming Bootcamps

The Programming Bootcamps is the newest addition to our various academic solutions. We will teach students of any grade level programming bootcamps in our series. This will be free of charge like the public programs we have to ensure students’ academic excellence.

POWAN is hosting our very first C++ Programming Bootcamp starting this Monday (July 12).

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Why Programming Bootcamps?

Learning different programming languages

Great resume booster for students

Why POWAN Programming Bootcamps?

You do not need to spend a single cent. Our bootcamps are free and easily accessible

Learn in a group setting, homework, and other materials are all provide

Last but not least, you learn to fall in love with and grow your Computer Science knowledge

Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is our top priority. We understand that our work is with children, a vulnerable population. Consequently, we actively screen out applicants that do not match the POWAN Initiative’s standards of academic excellence, community service, and professionalism. We make sure that all of tutors are qualified to professionally work with K-12 students.

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