Teach With POWAN

If you are someone who is looking for a volunteering opportunity, has great tutoring skills and is skilled in a course, become a “Power of Words and Numbers” tutor. Join our team to help students reach their academic goals.

Your opportunities are not limited to tutoring

Yes, we call our volunteers “tutors” but you get to do so much more! We have a variety of growth opportunities — take part in one or many, it’s really up to you!


• Tutor >=1 hour /week
• Work 1:1 with students via online tutoring sessions
• Develop and maintain professional relationships with students/admin team
• Monthly professional development workshops

Tech/Programming Bootcamps

• Assist in website’s development
• Plan and implement programming bootcamps
• Teach in virtual group sessions
• Conduct office hours

POWAN Supplemental Instruction (PSI)

• Host in-person discussion sessions at local high schools
• Develop and maintain professional relationships with students, teachers, and school administrators


• Create volunteer advertising and promotion
• Participate in POWAN outreach

Make A Difference

The minimum time commitment for tutoring is an hour per week with at least one student. Therefore, the flexibility of this volunteer opportunity allows you to focus on empowering your tutee to become a powerful and independent learner.

Grow Your Skills

Aside from accumulating volunteer hours and mastering specific subjects, tutoring allows you to develop crucial interpersonal communication skills that you will need no matter where you end up in life.

Other Perks For Our Tutors

Letters of Recommendation

Volunteer Hour Certificates

Monthly Awards for Excellent Tutoring

Recognition on Social Media Platforms

How To Become A Tutor?

1. Fill out an application

We would love to learn why you are interested in teaching with us. This form takes less than 5 minutes to complete!

2. Interview

We value volunteers who are personable and professional. This step helps us to get to know you better.

3. Tutor Vetting

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our tutors and education. There’s no cost on your end.

4. Orientation

We want to make sure that you are prepared to tutor. The orientation will guide you through your responsibilities and the steps you need to take before we match you with a tutee.

5. Onboard

From here, you will be matched with your first tutee. Don’t forget that POWAN is here to support you!

Meet Kevin Quach,

Current undergrad student
University of California, Riverside

“Before joining POWAN in August 2020, I felt helpless. The pandemic was in full swing and the volunteer opportunities I had planned were gone. Joining POWAN as a tutor changed all that. I was able to develop valuable interpersonal skills and became more confident in my involvement with other extracurricular opportunities. I am grateful for the opportunity to empower my tutees to become more powerful learners while developing crucial skills that I will need in the future.”

Make an impact and grow skills with POWAN today!