Meet Our November TOTM Jennielee Mia

Q: What does your class schedule look like?

A: I am currently at school part-time taking Physiology lecture and lab. I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Q: Do you have any extracurriculars?

A: Back in college, I used to volunteer in the American Red Cross club and saturday club serving senior citizens. I also spent most of my time volunteering in a research lab. If I had more time, I would probably try to join an art or music club because I like to draw and would love to learn how to make music.


Q: Do you have any special tips on how to tackle schoolwork and projects?

A: The study tips I have may not be for everyone, but I try to be on top of everything I do. I usually do my homeworks right away and finish a few days before the deadline. I study for exams a week early and read my notes regularly. I observed how my performance tends to decline whenever I procrastinate, which is why I try to avoid being in this situation.


Q:How has your POWAN experience been? Why did you join POWAN?

A: I joined POWAN because I thought that it is a great opportunity to help out students no matter where they are in the world. With the pandemic going on and with classes moving to an online setup, I thought that it may be difficult for some students to learn and I would like to extend my help if possible. My POWAN experience has been going great because apart from feeling glad that I was able to help a student, I also gained an understanding of students from different grade levels. I have never attended middle school my whole life (the country I lived in before did not have middle schools), and it is interesting to see their academic curriculum and the activities they do in their classes.


Q: If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what is one piece of advice you would give them?

A: One piece of advice I would give someone is that you should go at your own pace. I am still at a point of trying to figure out what career I want to pursue, and there are times that I feel bad about myself whenever I see my friends already living their dreams. I consider myself as a type of person who changes interests quite quickly and as someone who can make rash decisions due to pressure. I learned to become patient and to enjoy the experience of anything I am involved with as of the moment. I try to keep in mind that I will get there eventually, and as long as I keep a good work ethic, I will be able to achieve my goals.