Our Mission and Values

The POWAN Initiative’s mission is to assist K-12 students along their educational journeys through tutoring, mentoring, and so much more. Through our various programs, we bring the power of education to numerous students and parents who take advantage of our free and excellent services.

Create a more equitable future

The POWAN Initiative seeks to create a more equitable future. In light of how the COVID-19 pandemic has laid deep-rooted socioeconomic disparities bare for the world to see, it is clear that an unthinkable number of families do not have the financial means to fully support their children’s education. To answer the numerous calls for affordable educational support, the POWAN Initiative provides K-12 students and their families with free one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, and other powerful services that come at no cost. No matter how much we grow, the POWAN Initiative will never charge the families we serve.

Role models for the younger generation

The POWAN Initiative provides excellent role models for impressionable K-12 students. For many K-12 students and their families, getting into college is a daunting challenge. Through its disastrous effects on the world’s educational systems, the COVID-19 pandemic has made that challenge even worse. Fortunately, as accomplished undergraduates from excellent universities and colleges, our tutors are prepared to be their tutee’s source of inspiration to become a stronger student and soon-to-be college applicant.

Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is our top priority. We understand that our work is with children, a vulnerable population. Consequently, we actively screen out applicants that do not match the POWAN Initiative’s standards of academic excellence, community service, and professionalism. We make sure that all of tutors are qualified to professionally work with K-12 students.

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POWAN Supplemental Instruction (PSI)

The PSI Team works with local high schools to lead programs aiming to increase pass rates in difficult courses.

Tech/Programming Bootcamps

The Tech Team works to develop the POWAN Initiative’s website and other technologies that distinguish us from other tutoring organizations.


The Marketing Team works to spread word about the POWAN Initiative and draw in prospective tutors along with students who stand to gain from the POWAN Initiative’s services.